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GS1 Europe

GS1 DataBar on tomatoes

Metro likes GS1 DataBar on tomatoesThe retail company Metro wants to integrate the DataBar barcode into its overall concept of traceability. “From the latest generation of barcodes, we are expecting greater depth and transparency of data across the entire supply chain – from manufacturer to Point of Sale,” says Metro manager Jürgen Matern, explaining why they have opted for the GS1 DataBar.

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Introduction of bar codes will save NHS millions

A new system to tackle variation in how much NHS hospitals pay for products was announced by UK Health Minister Simon Burns. Some hospitals are currently paying nearly three times as much as others for the same products like surgical gloves and stents. Introducing a fairer and more transparent bar code system will lead to significant savings for the NHS in a market which currently costs it up to £6 billion annually.


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