eGov Coordinator appointed

As the pressure mounts to manage the GS1 in Europe eGov tasks such as; liaisons, information dissemination and organisation of various activities, the GS1 in Europe decided to appoint a dedicated GS1 in Europe eGov co-ordinator.

With public sector budgets being slashed across Europe and increasing European Commission legal tools being applied in various areas for increased safety, effectiveness and efficiencies, the public sector is looking towards electronic supply chain to deliver solutions.

GS1 has many of these solutions already developed and in place mostly in the private sectors and in parts in the public sectors but the public sector is mostly unaware that GS1 solutions exist.

It is by now a priority task of GS1 in Europe to promote these working solutions to the European eGov stakeholders and thereby enhance GS1’s image in the public sector.

The engagement in the public sector will at the same time allow to report back to GS1 MOs threats and opportunities and to draw a picture of the public and GS1 eGov project landscape.

After completing a tendering process GS1 in Europe Regional Executive Committee appointed Natascha Pottier as the GS1 in Europe eGov coordinator.

“Every time we as GS1 approach new sectors, we know that that our success will depend on how well we will establish trust, adapt our offer to the sector needs and contextualise our speech. Much has been done in the past years by MOs and individuals to conquer the public sector. I feel honoured to be entitled to represent GS1 in Europe in the next year vis-à-vis the public sector stakeholders and also provide support to MOs who wish to come closer to their local governmental organisations. We have a lot to offer and we are a reliable partner in the standards world, if I can help to reinforce that message and get it recognised by public decision makers; that would mark the success of the next GS1 in Europe eGov project year. We can only be successful as a network of European MOs; therefore I count on your collaboration. Please do not hesitate to contact me in case of requests, questions, or ideas.” said Natascha Pottiers after her appointment.

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