Global Registry: 10 Million Registered Items

BRUSSELS, Belgium, September 10, 2012 – GS1®, a not-for-profit organisation that designs and manages a global system of standards and solutions to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply chains across industries, announced today that its GS1 Global Registry® has reached 10 million product items. When GS1 launched its Global Data Synchronisation Network (GS1 GDSN®) in October 2004, there were only 74,000 items shared among trading partners in 13 countries in the Global Registry. 

Today, over 25,000 companies have made the GS1 GDSN a cornerstone of their supply chain initiatives in more than 150 countries across multiple industry sectors.  The GS1 Global Registry is a “yellow pages” directory operated by GS1 that allows companies to locate critical source/supplier or recipient/buyer information to exchange standardised data with trading partners worldwide. It is one of the most essential tools within the GS1 GDSN, which provides a powerful environment for secure and continuous synchronisation of accurate data for products shipped through international supply chains.
“The 10 million item milestone indicates continued user company adoption of GS1’s GDSN and Data Quality standards globally,” said Milan Turk, Jr., Managing Director, Procter & Gamble Global Operations,  and Chairman of GDSN Inc.’s Board. “Trading partners have recognised the benefits of scale that adoption of GS1 Standards brings to their business processes; GDSN is an excellent example of this.”
GS1’s Global Data Synchronisation Network allows both suppliers and customers to know they are looking at the same accurate and up-to-date data at any point in the supply chain. This capability smooths and accelerates business processes, improves accuracy in processing orders, reduces the number of forms that must be manually completed, limits duplications in systems and processes and, ultimately, reduces costs.
“We are seeing increasing demand to leverage the GDSN and its Global Registry  for additional industry initiatives," said Sally Herbert, President of GS1 GDSN, Inc. and GS1 Standards & System Development.  “These  include serving as a foundational element for key GS1 sector  activities  such as Data Quality, Mobile Applications, initiatives in Healthcare, and customs. We believe these new uses of the Global Registry and the Global Data Synchronisation Network will continue to drive acceptance of GDSN as a “must-use” service for successfully pursuing any supply chain efficiency initiative," added Herbert.

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